Starters | Soup

Picked salad with raspberry-pomegranate dressing,
Smoked duck breast or goat cheese au gratin - Vegetarian
14,50 €

Smoked salmon on hash brown,
caviar crème fraîche & salad
13,90 €

Wild caught prawns
fried in olive oil, garlic, cherry tomatoes, chili,
on roasted tomato bruscetta
13,90 €

Creamy Hokkaido
Cream of pumpkin soup with a hint of ginger,
roasted pumpkin seeds & Styrian pumpkin seed oil
6,90 € Vegan

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Salads / Pasta & Upgrades

Colorful leaf and raw vegetable salad,
with tomatoes, cucumbers on a house dressing - Vegetarian
6,90 € / 10,90 €


Caesar's salad
Romaine lettuce with caesar dressing, parmesan, croutons,

capers, anchovies and cherry tomatoes
12,90 €

Pasta AOP - aglio & olio & peperoncino
with garlic, olive oil, cherry tomatoes, peperoncini & shaved parmesan
11,90 €  Vegetarian


  • Four chili shrimp fried in virgin olive oil €12.90
  • Goat cheese au gratin with forest honey €7,90

Swabian food culture the Rhenish way

Our pasta pockets are not only homemade, but self-made and handmade,
Every day we produce our delicious variations for you fresh and without preservatives in our kitchen. Only while stocks last.

The classic pasta pockets
filled with meat & vegetables tossed in butter
with onion melting & our potato salad
15,50 €

Pasta pockets AOP 
filled with ricotta & young spinach leaves -pan-fried with virgin olive oil, garlic, peperoncini, cherry tomatoes, freshly shaved Parmesan cheese & salad
15,50 € Vegetarian

Our classics

 Pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon
with pepper cream sauce, hash browny & roasted vegetables
18,90 €

Crispy grilled knuckle
with rustic mashed potatoes and sauerkraut
18,90 €

Veal Liver
braised onions, caramelized apple wedges, mashed
country potatoes & a salad
19,90 €

Schnitzel Lantern
breaded pork schnitzel braised onions, bacon, fried egg,
fried potatoes & a salad
18,90 €

Original Wiener Schnitzel
from young veal with cranberries, lemon, anchovies & capers,
french fries and a side salad
24,90 €

Tender sauerbraten of beef "Rhenish style"
gravy, potato dumplings & red cabbage
19,90 €

Lamb's lettuce
with our own sauce, parsnip puree & roasted vegetables

27,90 €

Our goose menu

from 01.11.2022 - 31.12.2022

Goose soup
with root vegetables, egg sticks & goose giblets

6,90 €

Goose liver Berlin style
Tender goose liver with browned onions,

caramelized apple slices on fresh mashed potatoes & salad
19,90 €

Roast goose with a chestnut sauce
filled with potatoes, apples, onions, almonds, raisins and marjoram,

served with homemade red apple cabbage and potato dumplings
28,90 €

Following dishes only on advance order / reservation*


Goose breast or goose leg *
gently cooked sous vide, with its own sauce

refined with chestnuts, potato dumplings, red apple cabbage
38,90 €


Whole goose *
gently cooked sous vide, with its own sauce

refined with chestnuts, potato dumplings, red apple cabbage, Brussels sprouts
169,00 €

Our dessert variations

Baked apple filled with marzipan & raisins
served with vanilla sauce
7,90 €

Bourbon vanilla ice cream with gingerbread mousse
& mulled wine plums
7,90 €

Lukewarm chocolate cake with liquid center,
speculoos ice cream & mulled wine plums
9.00 €

a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with hot espresso

4,90 €

Mango-passion fruit sorbet 4.00 €

Blackcurrant sorbet 4,00 €

Lemon sorbet 4,00 €

Sorbet Trilogy
mango-passion fruit, black currant

and lemon sorbet
8,00 €





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