Our aperitif of the month

Soho Sling
Gin - Lime - Ginger Beer & Apple Juice
6,90 €

Soups & Starters

Vegan - Creamy Pumpkin Soup
of Hokkaido with Williams pear and a hint of ginger
6,90 €

Vegetarian - Onion soup
French style with mountain cheese au gratin
7,50 €

Vegetarian - Lukewarm goat cheese
with date - fig – chutney rocket,
cherry tomatoes, balsamic dressing & bread
12,90 €

Smoked salmon
on potato rösti, cream horseradish, caviar & salad
13,90 €

Four prawns in olive oil
with garlic, cherry tomatoes, chili & bread
13,90 €

Salads & Pasta

 Vegetarian - To the lantern salad
Colourful leaf and marinated raw vegetable salads, tomatoes,
cucumbers, radishes, onion rings with our own dressing

Caesar's Salad
crisp romaine lettuce with roasted chicken breast,
cherry tomatoes, anchovies, capers, roasted croutons, shavings of
Grana Padano on hearty Ceasar's dressing
18,90 €

Spaghetti with basil - pine nut pesto
and roasted chicken breast, caramelized pumpkin and
peppers, cherry tomatoes & shavings of Grana Padano cheese
19,90 €

Spaghetti AOP with prawns
roasted with garlic, virgin olive oil, cherry tomatoes,
peperoncini & sliced Grana Padano cheese
22,90 €

Our pasta dishes and Caesar's salad are served on request
also available as a egetarian option on request.

From river & sea

Pike perch fillet fried on the skin
on a rouille, rustic mashed potatoes & young leaf spinach
24,90 €

Fresh mussels "Rhenish style”
in a spicy vegetable broth, finely seasoned with white wine
served with brown bread & butter
 20,50 €  *While stocks lasts!

We recommend a . . .

Rosé Garda Classico Rosa di Frati from Lombardy
Dry Rosé Lugana - Here you will find cherries, red apples and hawthorn blossoms, which are accompanied by a delicate hint of almond.
bottle 31,90 € / 0,2l carafe 9,50 €

or also a . . .

Riesling vom bunten Schiefer from the Prinz Winery in the Rheingau region
A delicate white wine - very harmonious on the palate with an animating
juiciness and barely perceptible residual sweetness.

Bottle -26,90 € / 0,2l Carafe 7,90 €

Our classics...

Grilled Argentinian rump steak
with the typical fat edge, herb butter, braised onions,
crispy fried potatoes & Mediterranean pumpkin and pepper vegetables
Raw weight approx. 200g  24,90 €
Raw weight approx. 300g  28,90 €
Raw weight approx. 400g  32,90 €

Tender calf's liver
with browned onions on a rustic potato mash
with caramelized apple slices & salad
22,90 €

Pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon
with pepper cream sauce, potato rösti & green bacon beans
21,90 €

Oven-fresh crispy grilled knuckle of pork
with rustic mashed potatoes & Riesling sauerkraut
20,90 € 

With our classics we recommend our...

Merlot dry from the Bender Winery in the Palatinate region of Germany
The dry Merlot is a real palate pleaser. Full fruit aromas of ripe
red and dark berries, raspberries and cherries, with a pleasant touch of
fruitcake, as well as a hint of chocolate.
Bottle -28,90 € / 0,2l Carafe 8,50 €

Our popular braised dishes...

Beef roulade Zur Laterne
classically filled with mustard, bacon, onions & gherkin,
served with our own hearty dumpling, potato dumplings & red apple cabbage
26,90 €

Tender beef “Sauerbraten”
"Rhenish style", served with its own sauce
with potato dumplings & red apple cabbage
22,90 €

Our schnitzel variations

Cordon bleu of veal
filled with country ham and mountain cheese,
served with wild cranberries, crispy frie
27,50 €

Original Viennese Schnitzel
of veal with wild cranberries, lemon, French fries & salad
24,90 €

Schnitzel Latern
of young pork with braised onions, crispy bacon,
fried egg, crispy fried potatoes & salad
20,50 €

 Our dessert variations

Lukewarm chocolate cake
with liquid core, port wine plums &
Bourbon vanilla ice cream
9,90 €

Warm apple strudel
with vanilla sauce
8,90 €

Sorbet Trilogy
Mango-passion fruit, blackcurrant & lemon sorbet
8,90 €

S ü ß e s  B e i w e r k
Ladies' Set I - One espresso, one scoop of vanilla ice cream & 2cl Baileys         7,50 €
Ladies' Set II - One cappuccino, two chocolates & 2cl Frangelico                       8,20 €
Gentlemen's Set  - One espresso, two chocolates & 0.2cl Grappa di Barollo   10,50 €

Mango-passion fruit sorbet   4,00 ...topped up with sparkling wine  7,50 €
Blackcurrant Sorbet              4,00 ...topped up with sparkling wine  7,50 €
Egan lemon sorbet                4,00 ...topped up with sparkling wine  7,50 €


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